Work experience

Everything we do at Kineo is shaped by living and breathing our values. For us, providing quality work experience placements is all part of shaping futures.

About work experience at Kineo

As a part of the City & Guilds Group - a leader in skills development - it’s particularly important for us to provide access to workplace skills and to help people into (or to return to) employment. 

We aim to provide people with the chance to learn skills in a working environment. As well as students of all ages, our programme is open to those facing a challenge when it comes to returning to work. We're passionate about opening the opportunity to those who wouldn't normally get the chance.

Working with the youth engagement team at the City & Guilds Group, we have committed to provide 10 placements each year. We're also working with our partners and suppliers to support work experience placements.


How does it work?

We've created role profiles for each job we offering placements in. We make the programme feel as real to life as possible with an application process including an interview. Each person placed receives a buddy from within the Kineo team, who'll act as their mentor throughout their experience.

At the beginning of a placement we ask what skills they want to develop, and look at existing skills we can build on. Each person follows a role specific programme which helps broaden their knowledge, learn new industry-related skills, expand their learning and become more work-ready and confident.

We also share real-life career stories from the Kineo team - we aim to broaden horizons and open the possibility of as many different career paths as possible.

Work experience placements take place throughout the year. 


Get in touch if you'd like to know more about our commitment to work experience or would like to apply for a placement.


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