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Kineo US is headquartered in Chicago. With over 20 team members in Chicago and additional offices in Boston, New York and LA, we support our US and Canada clients including Nike, ARAMARK, Prudential and many more. Contact Kineo US.

Meet some of the team.

Steve Lowenthal

Steve is Kineo's US CEO and is responsible for the overall management of Kineo US. Steve is passionate about learning design and understands that companies begin and end with the client's success. Steve has spent the last 20 years working with organizations to design, develop and deliver e-learning solutions.


Steve spent the first 7 years of his career at Berlitz International where he worked with Fortune 1000 companies to prepare their managers for international relocation and business travel with language and cultural training programs; he got the e-learning bug, working 8 years with Roger Schank at Cognitive Arts, where he managed relationships with large corporations including Wal-Mart and State Farm to design and develop an e-learning simulation to address performance issues; he went on to challenge Chief Learning Officers at the nation's top teaching hospitals to expand the use of e-learning and the sharing of knowledge to raise the standard of care as Director of the University Healthsystem Consortium Learning Exchange; and helped organizations mitigate legal, compliance and ethics risk through structured education and communication as a senior leader at SAI Global.


"I find it fascinating to learn about the unique culture and values of the organizations we work with, then helping those organizations extend those attributes to everything from solution design to look & feel to the words being used."


Cammy Bean

Cammy is Kineo's VP of Learning Design. Working closely with client teams, Cammy takes the lead on learning design for our US clients.


An e-learning veteran since the mid-90s, Cammy has worked in a wide range of industries, from financial services to retail and manufacturing. She has played the role of instructional designer, writer, project manager, and multimedia producer for clients such as BP, Barclays, Fidelity Investments, Putnam and Shaw's Supermarkets. See what Cammy's thinking about lately on her popular e-learning blog: Learning Visions (


"I like stirring things up a bit - trying new approaches, playing with technology tools, and connecting with the e-learning community. Above all, I love collaborating with clients to create learning programs that don't bore learners to death and actually teach something. After all, e-learning always boils down to the people and not the technology."


Chip Cleary

Chip ClearyChip is Kineo's VP of Solutions & Consulting. He helps our clients increase the impact of their investments through aligning learning investments to what matters most to their businesses, identifying effective learning approaches, and implementing comprehensive and efficient solutions. 


Chip has worked for over 20 years to help organizations improve their approaches to learning. He began his career as a strategy consultant with Boston Consulting Group and a technologist with Intermetrics. In 1991 Chip joined the Institute for the Learning Sciences at Northwestern University, a research lab dedicated to developing better technology-enabled learning experiences. He then became an early member of Cognitive Arts where he led design for the corporate division. After Cogntive Arts was acquired by NIIT, Chip led NIIT's Advisory Services practice for a decade, overseeing over 100 engagements running across performance consulting, curriculum design, outsourcing assessments, and strategic training assessments. Chip has a BS from Yale University, an MBA from the University of Chicago, and a Ph.D. from Northwestern. 

Chip speaks and writes frequently. He is a co-author of The CEO'S Talent Manifesto: Align Talent Investments to Achieve Targeted Results and a co-author with Roger Schank of Engines for Education.


"This is a great time to work in learning. Business leaders have never needed their organizations to develop new capabilities so urgently. Employees have never before had to learn so much so fast. And we in learning have never had so broad an array of tools at our disposal. Nevertheless, when you mention "corporate training" business leaders all too often frown. It's wonderful to have the opportunity to square the circle and provide learning solutions that ensure alignment, drive business results, and engage learners." 


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