Kineo South Africa

Kineo opened an office in South Africa in 2011, with a previous client at the helm. The office is now responsible for supporting City & Guilds Kineo clients across sub-Saharan Africa.

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Mike CawoodMike is Kineo South Africa’s Managing Director and responsible for the overall management of Kineo South Africa.

Mike has owned and run a number of businesses in South Africa. In 1998 he decided to get involved in the learning industry and left SA to gain experience in the UK. Mike has worked in the eLearning industry for over 12 years, being involved in instructional design, project management, programme management, account manager and senior management, his last role being Group Head of eLearning at BP International in London. Mike was responsible for transforming BP’s learning technology and eLearning offer. Previous to BP Mike was involved in a number of large eLearning and Learning technology projects both in the public and private sector areas working across a number of industries including IT, Pharmaceutical, Hospitality, Finance and retail.


"I am passionate about what I do and believe in what eLearning and technology can do for individuals and organisations alike. Having experienced what well designed and aligned learning can do for organisations is very rewarding, and I get a great deal of satisfaction in helping organisations develop the capability of their employees as well as developing individuals to reach their full potential. Having returned to South Africa I am very excited what can be achieved on the African continent through the use of eLearning and technology -- the African people are very keen to learn and very passionate about technology."