Disruptors or enablers? The future of technology in L&D [PODCAST]

Join the team as they discuss which future technologies could disrupt the future of work place learning, as well as how a technology that we all already own could be the enabler for all things disruptive.



Episode breakdown

00:25 - What do we mean by disruptive technologies?
02:30 - Has software had more of an impact than hardware?
07:38 - What are different industries using that L&D teams could benefit from?
14:05 - What smaller technologies can we impliment now?
16:25 - How can we use technology to make the user experience easier?
18:05 - Why are corporate environments slow at picking up these new technologies?
20:30 - Why smart phones not working as well as we'd hoped?
25:01 - What technologies might have the biggest impact in the short term? 

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