Taking the Bling out of Elearning [GUIDE]

It's about:

Making sure your design doesn't distract your learners from the real learning objectives.

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In-house instructional designers.

Guide to Taking the Bling out of Learning

Cammy Bean, Kineo’s US VP of learning design, is on a mission to rid the world of too much bling in elearning.

Her new guide, which is being published in two parts by eLearn Magazine, explains what that means – and what you can do about it.

Part one of the guide explains how to avoid getting lured into the ‘clicky-clicky bling-bling’ honey trap.

Part two of the guide brings you tips for good graphical design, working with text, and creating instant interactivity.

Or for all you need to know in one fell-swoop, Download the full guide (pdf, 622KB)

The text is reproduced with permission of eLearn magazine.

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