Consultancy and Training

Effective learning starts with powerful design and delivery, but it doesn’t end there. You need a more strategic approach – a closer relationship between your digital learning and wider L&D strategy.

We know that no single person has all the answers and that’s why having a trusted partner to ask those questions will help you think out of the box and achieve great results. We’ll help you to mitigate risk through creative planning conversations, guide you to solutions that go beyond what you’ve done before and provide you with meaningful learning and business lead impacts. At City & Guilds Kineo our expert Learning Consultants will help you turn your vision into a tangible plan.

Digital & social learning strategy

How do you make sure you have the right learning strategy for your audience and business goals?

Are you training people in the right things, in the right way? Was your training worth the initial investment and can you prove ROI? Do you want to go social?

We can help you discover the answers to these questions. We’ll go back to basics with you and evaluate how your learning fits into the bigger picture.

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Defining requirements & training needs analysis

Do you have a training need but aren't sure how large it is or what approach to take? We’re here to help you define your requirement and develop real solutions to underpin a business case, inform the purchasing process or just get you on your way to a great project.

Our experienced Learning Consultants will help you understand what you'll need to make your project a success, with effective scoping and requirements exercises.

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Blended learning design

A 70:20:10 learning mix is at the heart of many people’s thinking.

We know the best learning is not only about technology, and that sometimes the human touch can transform a great course into a powerful learning experience.

Striking the right balance between commercial imperatives, timing and the needs of the learner is a real challenge, and we can help.

We're experts at blended learning design and delivery – we’ve helped global businesses launch blended programmes in compliance, onboarding and more. Get the balance right with us.

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LMS support & learning platform consultancy

With the average lifespan of an LMS implementation being three years, we know it's important that you invest in a system designed to grow with your business and respond to your changing learner needs. Has your LMS become a little like the Wild West for finding the right content? Have you moved from a culture of pushing content, to one where learners explore and own their learning? Do you need your LMS to work harder for your L&D strategy?

We have a broad range of services, including the provision of onsite consultants, annual health checks, SWOT analysis and much more. Why not ask about how we can get more out of your LMS?

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Learning campaigns & marketing approaches

If you want to improve performance or change behaviour, it’s essential to start with awareness. We've always been a marketing-driven organisation so we bring years of experience in communicating messages to drive behaviour change, ensuring your learning has reach and makes a lasting impact.

We can work with your communications teams to design the ultimate learning campaign, bringing together the best of their skills alongside our learning experience. Working independently, we can create a campaign that drip-feeds engaging learning to your learners that’s too good to ignore.

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Training impact & evaluation services

Are you confident that your training spend is getting you the best return? Could you improve on what you’re already doing?

We can help you to map and define how to measure real effectiveness of your training investment.

Working with our partner Boost Marketing, we will help you define how to measure success by baselining your starting point, and evolve your solution for continuous improvement and ROI

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Quality review

At City & Guilds Kineo, we often find that employers like to have support during the build up to inspections, which is hardly surprising as the results can have a huge impact on organisations providing training programmes such as apprenticeships.

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Funded programmes

Apprenticeships can help organisations to build skills and retain talent. But setting up, running and meeting the standards for a funded training programme can be a challenge if you��re new to it, or don’t have the body internal resource to manage it.

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