Mobile, Multi-Device Learning

We live in a multi-device world full of smartphones, tablets and laptops.  To reflect our increasingly mobile society, your elearning should work across multiple devices.

Currently multi-device learning, or mobile learning, can be achieved by one of two ways: you can create versions for each device, or you can create a single version using responsive design.  Creating multiple versions of an elearning solution is the traditional approach, but it is time-consuming and costly.  In order to deliver a real solution for a mobile generation, developing a single version is the best way foreward. Responsive design enables your elearning solution to work everywhere and respond intelligently to whatever device your learners use. 

Our approach

We have pioneered responsive elearning design which uses modern web technology to create a single version that works on all devices.

We are the originators of Adapt, an open source authoring tool that develops responsive elearning. It’s been used by multiple clients including Logitech, The Scouts Association, City & Guilds, Compass and many more. It’s already won the highest elearning honour, the Platinum Award for Best Learning Design Technology at the 2016 LearnX Awards.

In addition to Adapt we use a range of leading industry tools such as Articulate Storyline 2 and Captivate. 

We also develop apps where these can add value to the learning, for example accessing phone functions such as the camera.


Benefits of responsive design

The benefits of responsive elearning and a single version means: 

  • One version works on multiple devices - improves access

  • One version to track and maintain – reduces your costs

  • Distribute from your LMS or website – no need for app store or mobile platform

  • Accessible learning – reach your whole audience with one version

  • Searchable content – make it possible to search content for a more efficient, web-like experience 

  • New design approaches – engaging scrolling that breaks away from 'back' and 'next'


Case studies

Since launching Adapt, we have developed responsive modules for clients including Compass, Logitech, Scouts Association, City & Guilds and many others. Here are just a few examples.


Scouts Association

Creating the first truly multi-device learning experience for The Scout Association’s 120,000 volunteers, who together work to help over 400,000 young people in Britain enjoy adventure, grow in confidence and reach their potential. Case study coming soon.

Read the full case study

City & Guilds Food and Drink

If you're learning about health and safety in the kitchen, or how to fillet a fish, you don't want to be running back to a desktop for the next step. We delivered responsive learning for City & Guilds that helps aspiring chefs get practical guidance where they need it - in the kitchen.

Read the full case study


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