Hosting and Support

All websites and web applications (such as Totara LMS and Moodle) require monitoring and regular maintenance to ensure they remain stable, secure and responsive.

City & Guilds Kineo offers a variety of hosting and support plans to suit your specific needs, each governed by a pre-agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Whether you're running a small proof-of-concept pilot, or fully-fledged enterprise system, you can rest assured that all server and site maintenance is being proactively managed. We host and support over 100 live sites for our clients globally.

In addition to this, with our Named Site Administrator (NSA) support service, any site management queries you have will be answered promptly by our expert in-house team.

Our Hosting Services

We partner internationally with Rackspace to design, build and deploy three specific types of hosting environment:

  1. High-availability dedicated solutions (enterprise grade, for large business-critical sites)
  2. Single, dedicated-server solutions (hardware servers, for the exclusive use of your business)
  3. Cloud (virtual server instances – secure, scalable, cost-effective)

With data centres around the globe, we have the experience and facilities to meet any hosting requirement you may have.

Our Support Services

We understand that the maintenance and administration of a growing learning management system (LMS) can be a daunting and time consuming task. That's why our support team are in place, with the aim to make heroes of you, our valued clients, within your respective organisations.

Kineo provides support across three tiers:

Tier Description Suitability
1. Core A single, adaptive team of Support Account Managers and Support Engineers, managing an unlimited volume of client systems. Additional personnel are recruited as required, in direct association with the total volume of clients at this ‘Core’ level. This model is best suited to the support of small/medium sized systems, with low levels of customisation.
2. Intensive Multiple teams, each comprising a single named Support Account Manager and a number of named Support Engineers, with each team managing a capped volume of client systems (typically three). This model enables named team members to gain a more ‘intensive’ knowledge of each client system within their care. This model is best suited to larger, customised systems, where specialist knowledge is required.
3. Dedicated For maximum focus we offer a dedicated team service, where you are the team's only client. This model is best suited to highly customised, business-critical systems, with a large user base, where an additional level of devoted service is needed.

Our hosting and support plans each provide you with peace-of-mind, through a combination of 24/7 uptime monitoring, security release updates, bug fixes and NSA help and advice. All issues are serviced through our online support portal, a web-based ‘ticketing system’, ensuring issue reporting can be centrally monitored, from initial notification through to final resolution.

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Interested in learning more? Please contact us for details of how we can help host and support your LMS.

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