ManagementPlus: Front-line leadership training

Advancing the state of management development.

ManagementPlus is a blended online solution that helps new and existing managers develop essential skills to drive bottom-line results. ManagementPlus brings the 70:20:10 model to life by going beyond simple knowledge delivery and taking learners on an eight-step journey toward demonstrated proficiency.

What makes ManagementPlus different?

Organised as a series of journeys, ManagementPlus develops the key competencies that new managers require to thrive in their new role.

  • In many training programs, participants learn something and we hope that they apply it on the job. In ManagementPlus, application is at the core of the program.
  • New managers require support and coaching from their own managers to develop effectively. In ManagementPlus, manager support is built into the fabric of the program.
  • There’s a repeatable and systematic journey that people go through to develop proficiency, however, most training focuses on only knowledge transfer. ManagementPlus supports learners through the full journey to proficiency.
  • Less than 10% of Fortune 500 CEOs know the impact of their learning and development programs. ManagementPlus provides visibility of manager skill levels both before and after training. Additionally, results are available at the organisation, business unit, department or individual level so they can be correlated with key performance metrics.

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Who is the target audience?

ManagementPlus is appropriate for those about to be promoted to a management role and current managers who need to address specific skills gaps. It can be delivered on an individual basis or for a cohort of managers.

Can we add instructor-led face-to-face or virtual classroom sessions to a program?

ManagementPlus can be delivered as a blended, cohort-based solution with support from The Oxford Group and their global team of over 200 skilled facilitators, trainers and coaches.

Can I access ManagementPlus through my LMS?

Your managers can access the ManagementPlus portal directly or we can work with you to create a seamless integration with your existing LMS.


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