Leadership and Management

We ask a lot of the modern manager. They need to be role models in a wide range of business and personal effectiveness skills, from communication to time management. They also need to have strategic insight and understand the complexities of the business and market they’re in. And they also need to, well, manage.

It’s a lot to ask. So their learning programmes need to be as flexible and responsive as we ask our managers to be. Management learning needs to:

  • Be available on demand - accessible when managers need support for a specific need, such as upcoming performance management conversations
  • Provide high quality, stimulating content, from respected sources
  • Provide a mix of resources, balancing in-depth research and immersive practice with short quick-hit updates and examples
  • Provide opportunities to share, collaborate and hear from peers

Our approach

Our leadership and management programmes are designed to make a difference, through:

  • Lead participants through a journey:
    Even when we provide great learning, it can be difficult for managers to find the time to apply it. We aim to provide learning journeys that include assessment, goal setting, learning, practice, and reflection and that, in the end, lead to participants showing themselves and their organisations that they’ve crossed the learning-doing gap and shown results in the field with their teams

  • Access to a range of resources:
    We create resource-driven portals and toolkits for managers. These include best practice examples, hands-on practice, techniques to apply immediately, as well as links to more in-depth articles and research. We combine them in a personalised leadership and management portal for your business

  • Application to build experience:
    Managers don’t just need to know. They need to do. We create scenarios that help managers to practice challenging skills in a safe environment with expert feedback

  • A platform for sharing:
    collaboration with peers and experts is part of our portal approach. Through webinars, discussion forums, assignments and groups, managers work and learn together

  • Quality content and partners:
    Toolkits and scenarios are as good as the quality of the content within them. Partners include the Institute of Leadership and Management, Good Practice, and Oxford Group to ensure quality, compelling content for your leaders.


How we can help you

Whatever your leadership and management need, we can support you with a range of learning services:

  • Bespoke elearning that takes on your management and leadership challenges. Branded and personalised for your business, our elearning includes true stories, hands-on scenario practice, and practical resources

  • Management course library designed with Good Practice and ready to use immediately. They cover topics including coaching, decision making, difficult conversations and problem solving

  • Management and leadership portals, built with Totara Learn or Moodle, we create a personalised, branded leadership platform, a channel for delivering blended programmes including webinars and live events, communities, updates and tracking

  • ManagementPlus, leverage a set of ready-to-use learning journeys that tackle the key skills people managers require

  • Blended management and leadership programmes, combining learning design, delivery, portal, qualifications and content to create a comprehensive programme for management skills at all levels in your business.


Case studies

Our leadership and management experience includes work for BMI, Coats PLC, Easyjet, Tesco and many more. We've addressed subjects including:

  • Strategy and planning
  • Change management
  • Leading teams
  • Performance management
  • Coaching
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Influencing and stakeholder management
  • Time management
  • Decision making
  • Creativity and problem solving


Marks & Spencer - Case study

M&S needed to upskill line managers on a range of core skills. And they needed a portal to provide access and support. Open Source LMS and focused elearning modules showed the way.

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The Co-operative Group - Case study

We worked with the Co-operative Group to create the Leadership Development Zone, a portal for the top 500 managers and leaders using open source Moodle LMS. The portal takes a blended approach with resources, elearning and live events.

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