Sales and Product Knowledge

Your sales team are keeping you in business. Make sure your sales and product knowledge learning programmes mean business.

The Harvard Business Review recently surveyed over 160 sales teams and they identified major sales challenges:

  • Buyers have more information than ever before on their competitors and their own products, so sales staff really need to know their stuff.
  • 85% of companies report increases in product line breadth and complexity. For high-tech clients it’s not unusual to see a new product release every few weeks, further increasing the challenge to keep up with the product range to maintain credibility.
  • 62% say it takes more than seven months to get a sales person up to speed. Speed to competence is a key factor in enabling sales teams to be competitive. This is especially true in consultative and solution selling contexts.

Our approach

We've developed targeted elearning solutions, LMS portals and blended programmes for global sales teams in many leading organisations. Our sales and product knowledge clients include Nikon, Sony Europe, McDonald’s, Cable & Wireless and many more. What do we do for them?

  • Focus on results:
    Product knowledge learning is a tool to equip your team. It needs to get to the point quickly. Think 10-15 minute interventions that enable the team to take just what they need to get productive with customers quickly. Of course it needs to be available wherever they are, and we design for multi-device access.

  • Create context and practice opportunities:
    We create focused scenarios to work your team through the challenges from understanding needs, positioning a solution and closing the sale. Game-based and video approaches put them through their paces.

  • Sustain performance through portals:
    Keep it agile and sustain performance through focused sales and product knowledge portals. This provides sales audiences with a channel to keep up with the latest developments and provide feedback on what’s working with customers. You can also extend your reach to customers, as we've done with Sony and others.


How we can help you

We can support you at all levels of learning and performance need - from a tactical and fast turnaround response to a pressing compliance requirement, through to a managed, multi-channel compliance learning programme. Our services include:

  • Rapid elearning for product knowledge that can be developed in a matter of weeks to meet pressing product launch deadlines, be tracked in a sales portal or LMS, and be delivered wherever you need it.

  • Bespoke elearning with immersive scenarios that enable your team to practice customer engagement in a safe environment and build their sales and product knowledge skills.

  • Awareness campaigns and resources for new products and services, marketing the opportunities and benefits with a range of media and approaches.

  • Focused sales channel and partner portals using Totara Learn to create a branded, personalised experience, connecting sales teams and sharing updates, best practices – and of course tracking performance and uptake and integrate with CRM.

  • Blended programmes, combining all of these elements to provide a comprehensive upskilling programme for your sales and service team.



Nikon - Case study

We combine sales, product knowledge, games and a product knowledge portal for Nikon's global dealer community in this award-winning project.

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Sony - Case study

Totara Learn acts as the product knowledge hub, sharing advice, insights and of course elearning in this European portal for Sony.

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