Revised Policing Qualifications

It’s no secret that the Policing qualifications within the UK are due for an update. City & Guilds Kineo are leading the way for the new Diploma and the Level 4 and 5 Police qualifications which will come into effect in April 2016. In preparation for these changes we will be hosting workshops for the forces to understand the proposed changes.

The finer details have not fully been ironed out yet, and there is a great deal of confusion around the methods and criteria being suggested by the College of Policing; where I attended a standardisation workshop a few weeks ago. As you can imagine, the ever changing environment and challenges the police face must be reflected in the proposed changes.

This discussion left forces with burning questions and somewhat angered after listening to some of the distant suggestions that were put forward.

On Monday 9th November, 11 forces from around the country gathered at the City & Guilds London office to discuss how to implement these changes with new evidence methods, delivery styles and the leadership and management unit. Steve Hewitt our Head of Employer Proposition and Angela Packwood our Lead EQA led the extremely informative discussions.

As each force is unique and constantly squeezed in these austere times, this workshop was vitally important to gain feedback to ensure the qualifications, units and methods are relevant to the current police market. The goal for these proposed changes is to equip those entering the police force to have more knowledge, skills and policing capabilities.  

Our aim at City & Guilds Kineo is to establish ourselves as the best awarding organisation for the reformed policing qualifications. Our first steps to achieving this are through our workshops and helping the police force understand the changes that are soon to come.

Our next workshop will be taking place in March, so stay tuned for further details regarding this event. To help support the forces and navigate through these changes, the event will take place just before the new qualifications come into effect.

If you have any burning questions you need answering contact the public sector team, they are here to help.

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