12 tips for great interactive video

Interactive video has burst into the limelight – it’s engaging, interesting and has a bit of glitz. And importantly has bags of potential for delivering learning content. But only if you get it right.

Let the ideas flow

If you’re tempted to get some interactive video into your learning content, our advice is to go for it. Think big, be imaginative and let your ideas flow when it comes to getting your content onto the screen (of any size, because of course the best video content for learning will work on any device!). But we understand – there’s a small matter of budget to consider and you’ll want to make sure whatever you produce is in line with your learning objectives.

Our top tips will get you on the right track. From borrowing ideas from movies to filming on a GoPro, they’ll give you both inspiration and practical advice.

The nuts and bolts of interactive video

These nuggets of advice are just the tip (pun fully intended) of the iceberg. Our new guide to interactive video gets under the hood and takes a detailed look at the nuts and bolts. We’ve shared some ideas about what kind of learning contexts lend themselves well to interactive video and how we have approached each situation. You’ll find a few case studies, some suggested video templates and plenty of inspiration.

If you’re excited to start making your masterpiece but still a bit unsure where to start, give us a call. We’ll be happy to talk about your L&D challenges and where interactive video may be the perfect fit to add another level of engagement.



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