Interim Results - 2014 Compliance Learning & Communication Survey

Only 26% of companies think their compliance training and communication programs are above average or better. 

Kineo and eLearning launched our 2014 Compliance Training & Communication Survey only a few weeks ago, but we're already seeing some interesting trends. While 26% of companies think their training and communication programs are above average, 38% respondents rate their programs as "ok" or ineffective. What are the causes? The trends listed below may point to some of the underlying causes. 

Key trends we're seeing: 
  • 48.2% of respondents indicated that the frequency of their compliance communication increased from the previous year. If compliance training programs are increasing in frequency, it may be difficult for companies to keep pace with measuring effectiveness and outcomes. It may also inhibit budget for other updates including technology and design. 
  • Nearly half (44.4%) of respondents indicated that they do not have a communication program in addition to their compliance training. A lack of follow-up and communication campaigns may contribute to subpar and ineffective compliance training. 
  • 77.4% would like to improve their compliance training programs through more engaging design and content. Compliance training doesn't have the best reputation to begin with, so boring, dry content can definitely have an impact on the effectiveness of compliance training programs. 

This is just a snapshot of the early results. What do you think? How does your compliance training measure up? Let us know by taking the survey today. 

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