5 steps to get real results from your L&D programmes (Infographic)

Training is not enough to drive results. In order to make effective change, you must measure success and show proven proficiency. Remember when you learned to drive a car? It was a process -- a journey, in fact. It started with your enthusiasm for getting your driver's licenses and it carried you through a number of steps until you proved your proficiency with an examiner. The same journey required to become a proficient driver is the same that is required for achieving measurable and effective results. 

Focusing on the proficiency journey for driving results, Kineo US has highlighted the 5 key steps to getting real L&D programme results. In the lead up to the free webinar hosted by Kineo Pacific and presented by Chip Cleary of Kineo US, on 10 February 2016, this infographic lays out the foundation and process needed to be successful.

When you are ready to take the next step and learn the model for a results-focused view on training, sign up for the “Training for Results: Is Your Training Effective” live webinar on 10 February 2016 at 11:00am (AEDT).



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