8 Questions You Should be Asking at Learning@Work 2014

The Learning@Work Conference is quickly approaching, and as Gold Sponsors for the event, Kineo Pacific is very excited for this year's theme, which focuses on how new and emerging learning technologies are impacting and transforming the workplace - something that we're quite familiar with to say the least. 

With many international and local heavy hitters in the learning and development industry sharing their expertise and knowledge at the conference, we want to help you get the most of your experience at Learning@Work, with the following questions you should be asking (or at least thinking about) at the event. 

With new emerging learning technologies, how can I choose a cost-effective solution, and still reap the rewards? 

It's easy to resist adopting or even updating learning technologies when those dollar signs are in question, but it's really about being clever in the choice that you're making. Choosing new systems don't have to cost an arm and a leg, and in most cases, you need to determine from the get-go, what your long term goals are, or how updating or investing in new learning technologies could be beneficial. For example, let's take a look at learning management systems. There's a lot of options out there, and you might be lost if you jump in without doing any preliminary research on what you need from an enterprise LMS, and how it can help reach your workplace training goals. Everyone wants to see measurable results and a return on investment, so figure out early on what you're looking for, so that you're prepared to ask LMS vendors  those tough questions. Unsure where to start? Take some time to read through our LMS Planning and Selection Guide, which will help you determine what you're looking for. Want to talk about Totara LMS? Bring your questions to the roundtable, and we're more than happy to walk you through the process in a free consultation during the event. 

What are the challenges facing the L&D industry and how can we overcome them?  

Budget cuts, mobile and multi-device learning technologies, proving value, the need for social - where do you fit in all this? It can be a wild roller coaster of a ride if you don't know how others are tackling these issues and still coming out on top. We interviewed over 30 L&D Managers across the world, to find out their biggest challenges in the industry, and what exactly they're doing about it to solve these problems. Stuart Chadwick, Solutions Director from City & Guilds Kineo, will be giving delegates the inside scoop on some of the major trends identified in this year's Learning Insights Report, and how learning professionals can work with these challenges and technology trends in the year to come. 

Which social technologies are having the greatest impact on workplace learning? Which one is right for my organisation and our L&D goals? 

Did you ever think that you'd be active on Twitter, or online work forums to broaden your own learning and performance needs? Probably not in 120 words or less, but let's just say, it's not limited to just those Gen Ys and Gen Cs anymore! Informal and social learning is finding a place within the enterprise, but it's common to find a naysayer every now and then. Dubious of social learning and its effects on corporate learning? Well, this is a great opportunity to find out more information on the topic, and ask those hard hitting questions you want to know the answers to. This year, Learning@Work delegates will get to hear a number of seminars on the topic of social learning and technologies. Internationally renowned L&D blogger, and 'social learning guru', Jane Hart,  will be looking at how to help enhance staff training programmes with the implementation of social learning, and will offer a Q&A sessions that will have you asking things like - how do I determined measurable results for something like social learning? Does someone need to monitor and moderate the messages to stay on track? And much more. Here's your opportunity to get the best hints and tips from leading learning professionals, including a look at our recent work with clients like Medibank, where we've used the power of video in their sales and training programme that helped increased engagement within their organisation.   

What are the most effective ways of creating a positive learning experience in corporate training? Have expectations of how we learn, changed?

Learners want more from their training, especially when it comes to topics like compliance, which has morphed into that familiar check-box, stuck-at-desk- approach, and for far too long, learners have been victims of this. Well, it's time to liven things up, and bring the learner and their needs, back into focus. Employers want effective training, and learners want a reason to stay engaged with their learning. So what are learning managers to do? Over the course of the two-day event, it will be interesting to hear how many successful programmes were a result of L&D departments and key stakeholders being nimble, and focussed on new ideas and looked at methods of receiving end-user feedback to continuously adapt their learning initiatives to the needs of their learners. Pop by Stand 17 to pick up our latest industry guides, to read up on best practice tips on developing a better learning experience - everything from creating learning personas to designing higher empathy in your learning. 

Should we try MOOCs? What will the impact be in workplace learning? What about Open Badges?

MOOCs have hit the ground running with being one of the most explosive learning trends in the last couple years. How else could people  all over the world, learn from the very best business professors from Pennsylvania State University on Marketing 101 to understanding Romanticism in Literature all in the comfort of your own home - and best of all, for free? Personal interests aside, MOOCs have also had an impact on workplace learning. Two of the biggest MOOC providers Udacity and Coursera, have recently begun allowing professionals the chance to up-skill at a fraction of the cost of a graduate degree. Interesting enough, Coursera has begun allowing professional the chance to up-skill at a fraction of the cost of a graduate degree, and offer certificate training to help motivate learners to complete their courses as a way of providing evidence of learning on resumes, and even LinkedIN. This year at Learning@Work,we'll see how MOOCs and Open Badges are transforming certification and learning in the workplace and how proof of learning can be applied with Totara LMS and Open Badges functionality (just ask us how) in the latest Totara LMS release, along with speaker presenations and case studies on the topic. 

Why should we embrace Open Source technologies? What are the benefits? 

The open source option of elearning authoring tools and learning technologies have been largely underrepresented, but slowly, this is changing. Kineo have been strong advocates of the power of open source and it's ability to change the market - just look at the LMS space with the largest open-source learning management system Moodle, and it's enterprise sister, Totara, which has helped more than 200 organisations across the globe, and counting. There's a new game changer in town, and trust us, you want to hear more about it. So talk to us about Adapt Learning - a revolutionary open source framework that will change the way the industry designs and delivers multi-device learning. 

What are the benefits of going multi-device in the workplace?

Multi-device learning is becoming increasingly important in the workplace. The modern workforce are constantly on-the-go and on multiple devices so our training needs to keep up with these hectic everyday routines. Learning should revolve around the learner and what is convinient for them. Why not tap into their personal devices and make them an extension of your online learning programme? Learners are becoming incredibly connected, generating a strong demand for ongoing access to relevant information at any time of day, from PC to tablet to smartphone. We'll be showing recent projects we've completed for clients including Commonwealth Bank of Australia, TUI Travel, Scouts Association, Mitsubishi and many more - and how you too can adopt responsive elearning design and delivery in your organisation. 

Where are the freebies, and how can I get my hands on them?

It's not a conference without freebies - and trust us, our desks are full of pens, highlighters, Kineo men and screen cleaners from all the conferences we've been to. Come say hi to our Kineo Pacific experts at Stand 17 and see what freebies we have in store for you (trust us - it's good)! 

Don't Have a Ticket to Learning@Work?

You're just in luck - we're giving away a ticket to the conference, valued at a whopping $895 - for free! And the kicker? All you need to do is  share with us your creative top tips on how L&D departments can maximise their use of resources to support the business and change behaviours. For more information and to enter your top tip in running to win that ticket to Learning@Work Conference - head over to our official contest page here. 


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