A Blended Onboarding Approach [SLIDES & RECORDING]

In our latest onboarding guide, we noticed some shocking statistics: that 22% of new hires leave within the first 6 weeks of their job, and it costs businesses double their salary to replace them. So what gives? What are we doing wrong and how can we curb this ongoing challenge that businesses are facing? 

It takes more than a click-next approach to get those new hires head over heels for your company. In fact, it takes a blended approach. So what does it take to make a good impression? In this 30-minute webinar, Blended Learning for Onboarding, Matthew Marsh, Learning Consultant based in Kineo Pacific's headquarters in Wellington, is sharing 5 keys areas to focus on when designing a blended programme for those newbies. 

Missed the webinar or want to go over some of Matt's tips? Tune in to learn about: 

  • Common challenges for designing effective onboarding
  • How to integrate a blended approach in your onboarding program
  • Real-life use cases




Want to know more about Blends that Work for Onboarding? Catch Kineo Pacific at the eLearnz Conference, July 22-23 in Auckland New Zealand, where Learning Solutions Mananger, Tina Griffin will be delving deeper into a blended onboaring approach. Get your tickets here! 



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