Why I Loved 2014: My Top 6 Highlights

May of 2014 marked my fifth year with Kineo and the fifth year of Kineo operations in the U.S. Personally, this represents quite a milestone, as I've now worked for Kineo longer than any other organization in my life. Good news is I'm in no way done. In fact, I feel like singing!

So, what else stood out to me this year? Let's take a look.

Working with an Exceptional Kineo Team

A company really is all about the people and the Kineo team truly shines. I lead up a kick ass instructional design team and couldn't be prouder of the experience, skills and passion they bring to each and every project. Our graphics team creates knockout work that makes regular elearning look, well, regular. Our developers and QA teams bring top-notch technical expertise to each and every project, while our Project Managers keep the entire ship running smoothly. And that's just the elearning course development side of the house. 

We're now about to burst the seams of our Chicago office and are looking forward to moving the headquarters office to a new location in early 2015. 

Projects That Make a Difference

Every client and every project is different. And for this I truly love my work. This year has brought the Kineo US team some exceptional projects that help us people do their jobs better and make the world a better place. 

From helping teachers and school administrators create better schools, to educating people about climate change, we've had the opportunity this year to really make a difference in the world on projects and messages that matter. 


I present at a lot of learning conferences and love it. Presenting with a client is even better. This March I had the pleasure of doing a joint case study at Learning Solutions with Gary Droghini, Manager of Global Learning & Talent at Coats. Our session, Blended Threads: Global Leadership Training at Coats, took a close look at a two year blended training program for front line leaders at Coats. Gary's passion for learning really came through to the audience, a really engaged group with lots of deep questions. 

Although we build the elearning assets for the Coats project in 2013, the gifts just kept on giving in 2014 when the Coats project won a Brandon Hall Award for Blended Learning. 

Neil DeGrasse Tyson!

Meeting Neil DeGrasse Tyson at DevLearn 2014 in Las Vegas was a big deal. His opening key note was excellent, inspiring me to let my children make more messes as they experience the world and learn by doing. 



Conferences and Connections

Every year I'm lucky to attend a number of industry conferences. In 2014, I spoke at ASTD Tech Knowledge, eLearning Guild's Learning Solutions, ASTD (now ATD) International Conference & Expo, mLearnCon, and DevLearn. I even keynoted a conference this year: Chicagoland eLearning Showcase. 

My favorite presentation from the year? Hands down the Ignite session at DevLearn, hosted by the eLearning Guild's David Kelly: Meme-ing the Future of eLearning. I've never laughed so hard while presenting or while watching four of my favorite elearning personalities present. Although you might not get the full flavor without the live element, check out my slides

The Accidental Instructional Designer

OK, yeah. Biggest deal for me this year, really? Publishing my first book! The Accidental Instructional Designer has struck a chord with the elearning community and I'm thrilled to see the response it has gotten. If you've read the book, thank you! If not, what are you waiting for? Read my Q&A about the book. The book is available on Amazon or ATD

Now what stood out for you this year? 

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Resource: Download our 2014 Learning Insights Report.