Apprentices Have Their Say At The Apprenticeships4England Debate

It’s fair to say that the hot topic on every political party’s lips at the moment is Apprenticeships. Some vowing to create and deliver 3 million apprenticeships by 2020 and others fighting to match such statements. But with all this media attention around apprenticeships, has anyone actually asked what the apprentices of today think?

On Tuesday 3rd March the second Apprenticeships4England debate took place, where current and former Apprentices got the opportunity to have their voices heard. The main focuses of the debate were around pay, support after an apprenticeship and finally the new reforms. All of which will effect present and future apprentices.

The debate presented the perfect environment to ask those key questions which were directed at the panel consisting of four employers all from very different industries.

Being an apprentice working in City & Guilds Kineo I was lucky enough to be asked to chair the event, something I had never done before. It gave me a real opportunity to hear from some other perspectives as well as give my opinions as a current apprentice.

After the debate one of the panellists asked what I liked best about the event. For me it would have to be the enthusiasm that came through from all of the apprentices present. You could clearly see that these apprentices enjoyed what they do as well as wanting to help more young people be part of a scheme that has been so successful for them.

As an apprentice I feel that it is really important to get our voices and opinions heard and the Apprenticeships4England debate gave us an opportunity to do so.

Find out more about the debate on the Apprenticeships4England website, or visit our Apprenticeships page for details on how we're supporting skills development within businesses.


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