Becoming an Apprentice at City & Guilds Kineo

Becoming part of the team at City & Guilds Kineo that deals with public sector employers was such thrilling news to me. My team deals with a large amount of centres and some very high status organisations and individuals, so I couldn’t wait to get started.

Lauren and her City & Guilds Kineo team on an away day

When I started I was made to feel welcome by everyone in City & Guilds Kineo, and only weeks after starting we had our team away day which was a great opportunity for me to get involved, understand a bit more about where we fit within the City & Guilds Group and getting to know everyone better in the team building activities.

The Skills Show

To my surprise I was asked to be involved in the #opendoors photo shoot for the Skillshow along with three other apprentices. The thought of having my photo taken and knowing it would be used for The Skills Show made me pretty nervous but at the same time was a fun experience as it was something I’d never done before. As an apprentice I was also asked if I would like to go to The Skills Show to represent the City & Guilds Group. It was nice for me to be able to share my experiences as an apprentice with younger people, some of whom were very interested and keen to find out how to apply, others who didn’t even know what an apprenticeship was!

The Skills Show was an incredible and insightful experience that I would recommend to any child or parent that would like some guidance on potential career paths. Not only was The Skills Show a great opportunity to educate people on the other options that are available outside of the traditional routes like university, it was also great fun visiting all the stands, watching people in action and seeing all the different types of career paths available.

Meeting Our Customers

In November Kings College Hospital, one of our centres, held an awards event. As most of their vocational courses are City & Guilds qualifications they invited us to come along to talk to their employees. It was great for me to visit one of our centres as it helped me to gain a better understanding of the way they work and what they need from us as an awarding body. It was so inspiring to see how dedicated the staff were to their learners, demonstrating a willingness to help learners better themselves and achieve their greatest potential.

The Future

I am almost halfway through my apprenticeship here at City & Guilds Kineo and feel like I have already come a long way. I now understand what it is to work in a business environment and will finish having gained a valuable qualification and a year of work experience which is extremely important when applying for any job.

I feel very privileged to be doing an apprenticeship with City & Guilds Kineo as it is an extremely reputable and well established organisation that I would love to have a career in. Whatever the future has in store for me I know that doing an apprenticeship here will help me to achieve my goals; whether I pursue a career here or elsewhere. I’ve had such fantastic work experience - I am confident that this experience will open many doors for me. 

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