City & Guilds Kineo Works With Army to Offer Qualifications to All Soldiers

After the success of offering qualifications to the soldiers guarding the Olympics, the Army is now offering a wider range of City & Guilds qualifications to all soldiers.

In 2011, City & Guilds started discussions with the Army to develop their Lifelong Learning Strategy by expanding their current offering into other areas in order to offer a civilian certification for the skills and knowledge soldiers gain throughout their military service and training. This is crucial for the career development of military personnel as, with the changing face of the army, soldiers must be ready for civilian employment.

In 2012, 12,000 soldiers who were employed to guard the Olympics were put through the City & Guilds Licence to Practice Security Qualifications to prepare them for the event. A further 2,000 soldiers completed the City and Guilds Licence to Practice in the Security Industry Qualification ahead of guarding the Commonwealth Games in Scotland.

Development Opportunities in the Army

Throughout their career, soldiers gain a vast amount of technical knowledge and practical skills, supported by the highest quality Army training courses. This is all in addition to highly sought after 'soft' skills such as leadership and management, communication, teamwork, values and standards. The Army is determined to offer the highest quality development opportunities to personnel, helping them on the road to future civilian employment, and City & Guilds Kineo aims to support every stage of this journey....whether the learner is in uniform or not.

The message to soldiers by the Directorate of Educational Capability (D Ed Cap) is clear: "Throughout your Army career, the Army will pay for you to gain civilian qualifications. From the Apprenticeship you may undertake as part of your initial training, helping with your Literacy and Numeracy Skills if required, through to Levels 6 and 7 qualifications, the Army will invest in you. These civilian qualifications will enhance your Army career and enable you to build a portfolio of qualifications that are valued by civilian employers."

City & Guilds Kineo have worked with the Army very closely over the past 4 years to carefully map the best civilian qualifications to all applicable army training courses, beginning with the Initial Training that both regulars and reservists have to undertake, throughout their first field army deployment and further through the Command Leadership and Management training. These are the qualifications that soldiers can work towards during their army career that will show future civilian employers (or current employers in the case of reservists) the value military personnel can bring to their companies.

After a detailed mapping exercise, the Army now offers City & Guilds Awards, Certificates and Diplomas in Efficiency at Work and Advanced Employability Skills, Education and Training and Professional Recognition in Leadership and Management, Engineering Management and Intelligence Management.

Director of Educational Capability, Brigadier Gary Morris is passionate about staff development: ‘We must ensure that soldiers receive the best available level of education, personal development and resettlement support that we can provide’.

Find out more about the range of City & Guilds qualifications offered by the Army. You can also visit the Army website to find out more about how to apply and how these qualifications have benefited other soldiers. 


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