Engage with Rapid Elearning

Articulate, the leading rapid ellearning authoring tool company has announced a great new product called Engage. We liked it so much we have already bought a copy! We love it.

With Engage, e-learning course developers can now actively encourage discovery by prompting learners to interact, such as:

• Examining in greater detail each step of a process. • Exploring the relationship between timeline events through text, images and sound. • Drilling down into key elements of a diagram to better understand the main points.

Easy-to-use templates power Engage, and let you create rich-media interactivity in minutes. Users can choose from a wide range of interaction types, including process, timeline, pyramid diagram, labelled graphic, interactive FAQ, and more.

"Engage is a breakthrough for people who want to enhance their e-learning courses with interactivity but don’t have the time, money or skills for complex programming or high-end visual design," says Articulate President Adam Schwartz. "Engage’s intuitive, easy-to-follow templates and options now allow anyone to create stunning, Flash-based interactive content in minutes."

At Kineo we are about to start building content using Engage and will post examples of what we create up on the website later this month.

About Articulate

Articulate is the market leader in rapid elearning software. Articulate products are used by organisations worldwide to quickly create rich and interactive learning content and communication resources. The company’s Rapid E-Learning Studio combines two premier products, Articulate Presenter 5.0 and Quizmaker 2.0, to give learning professionals and subject-matter experts an easy-to-use toolset to create e-learning courses, presentations, quizzes, and surveys. Morgan Stanley, FedEx, Dell, Target, 3M, John Deere, and Harvard Business School are among the thousands of corporate, government, and academic organisations currently using Articulate products for rapid elearning, which has grown approximately 80% over the last 12 months, according to industry analysts.


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