Blends That Work For Learners Today…and Tomorrow

Two months on from our Learning Insights Report release, and we’ve talked a lot about the key trends that emerged. But none more so than the trend of wider organisational adoption of blended learning.

Almost every person we interviewed for the Insights Report said that the having the right blend was a key reason behind their success. It was also noted that the variety of blended approaches is huge, having evolved from linear versions into more multi-channel, self-directed experiences.

Which is great for those already using blends, but what happens if you don’t know all that much about blended learning, or what if you just don’t have blending expertise in your team?

Clearly, blends aren’t a new concept. But every year brings new potential in blend design, and a renewed need for best practice. As technology (and the way we use it) evolves, so must our approach.

So What Really Works?

Join our Head of Consultancy and blended learning expert, Mark Harrison, in Seminar Theatre 9 at 14:15PM at Learning Technologies 2015, Thursday 29 January. He’ll be looking into the future of designing great learner experience and digging deeper into some key areas, including:

  • The 4 biggies: Onboarding, compliance, sales, and leadership
  • Blend best practice and what works for each
  • Blends that work for Qualifications and Apprenticeships
  • What’s next for blended learning

Mark will be sharing some best-in-class examples of blended learning that has worked for our clients, and explaining why they have been successful.

Missed The Seminar at Learning Technologies 2015?

If you missed Mark's seminar, you can now view and download the slides from his session.

We'd love to talk to you more about how blended learning might fit into your organisational training. Get in touch for a chat.


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