Love is the Killer App

Tim Sanders argues that love or rather sharing your knowledge, your network and your compassion will help you grow!

What's the Big Idea?

The Big Idea of this book is that the best business strategy is to :

  • Learn as much as you can. Read, digest, get to grips with the big ideas
  • Grow a network and share your knowledge with them
  • Be compassionate . Use your senses and feel free to express yourself.

Basically, don't be aggressive, don't be hostile. Be smart and be nice!

What's in it for learning?

Learning is the idea, really. The idea is we all learn what we can and we're all completely open about it. Sanders argues that you have to start by being smart, you have to have knowledge that other people find valuable. In short, read a lot and be open to new ideas. Then share your knowledge widely. Do this by building a network, create lots of new contacts. Be compassionate, support people, and always be prepared to help. Sanders argues powerfully that this will serve you better than any other business strategy.

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