Celebrating our learners from the MoD

This October, Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAVs) from all MoD services were delighted to receive their City & Guilds Professional Recognition Awards and ILM qualifications from our training partners CVQO. The tenth graduation ceremony held at RMA Sandhurst was presided over by CVQO chairman The Lord Lingfield. Also in attendance were CVQO chief executive Guy Horridge, General Andrew Gregory, Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff and Matt Johnson, City & Guilds Board Director.

Joining them in the celebrations were 200 graduates, award winners and honored guests. Vocational qualification officers from cadet units were also honored for their service to young people and education.

John Leighfield CBE, Master at the Worshipful Company of Educators, and myself were also on hand to offer our congratulations.

CVQO is a UK based vocational education charity that works with young people and adults in community and uniformed youth groups. Their annual graduation ceremony recognises the achievements of adult volunteers who devote their spare time to running youth groups and cadet units across the UK. Through the charity, volunteers are able to study for leadership and management qualifications as well as Professional Recognition Awards such as Licentiateship, Graduateship and Membership.

The qualifications themselves recognise the skills adult volunteers develop whilst running the youth groups. Receiving higher level qualifications from City & Guilds means a lot to them as they are not only recognised for their skills gained whilst working with cadets but also for their commitment to developing skills of young people in their time freely given to this cause. The highly recognised City & Guilds qualifications will, in return, help them further their own careers and education.

CVQO chief executive Guy Horridge said:

“In many ways Sandhurst is the home of vocational training, so it is fitting to be here today to celebrate the achievements of these adult volunteers. I do not think many of them join the cadet forces with the intention of gaining a qualification, but the fact that they devote so much of their time and energy to running these youth groups means it’s only fair that they gain something in return – and we are thrilled to be able to give them that.”

Matt Johnson, managing director of City & Guilds Kineo and a former cadet himself, was moved by how much achieving City & Guilds Higher Level Qualifications meant to the adult cadet volunteers:

"The officers’ commitment to inspiring young people is commendable – and I was delighted to congratulate them all as I handed out their Professional Recognition Certificates. The least we can do is to recognise their skills, achievements and dedication to developing young people."

If your organisation is interested in working with City & Guilds Kineo to offer City & Guilds Licentiateships, Graduateships or Membership Awards to staff as part of their CPD or you would like to know more about our work with cadets forces get in touch.



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