City & Guilds Kineo Introduces EssentialsPlus

 "This new style of elearning is some of the very best we have evaluated. It is an exemplary example of learning materials...making mobile learning a reality."
David Patterson, Learning Light

City & Guilds Kineo is delighted to announce the release of its brand new, ready-to-go elearning range, EssentialsPlus.

EssentialsPlus is City & Guilds Kineo’s latest offer. Built in Adapt, the brand new elearning framework delivers high quality learning across most mobile and desktop platforms. It is also designed to internationally recognised accessibility standards.

There are currently four ranges available:

Within these four ranges sit 17 course-specific modules ranging from Problem Solving to Health and Safety, Data Protection to Food Safety and Hygiene. 

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Seth Ferguson, Digital Programme Manager at City & Guilds Kineo, comments: “One of the great things about EssentialsPlus is that it works with cutting edge Adapt technology, as well as having an in-built guided revision function. 

“Questions in our end assessment are linked to specific areas in the learning, so if a learner gets a question wrong, we can take them back to the relevant elements in the course, without having to read through content they already understand. This helps them remain motivated to receive the 100% pass mark, whilst employers can remain confident that their staff know everything required." EssentialsPlus Endorsed by City & Guilds

EssentialsPlus draws on City & Guilds’ 130 years of experience in skills development, and the courses are recognised through City & Guilds Endorsed certification. When combined with City & Guilds Kineo’s proven track record in the learning technology industry, learners can be assured of the highest quality elearning experience. This exciting elearning platform is the only off-the-shelf product to offer both the reassurance of a 100% pass mark, and a motivating Guided Revision feature, which ensures learners only revise what they need to. 

Because EssentialsPlus is adapted to work perfectly on most major mobile platforms, it can fit in around the learner’s lifestyle. If users wish to learn at their desk, they can. But they can also learn on a bus, in the kitchen or even on the train. 

David Patterson, Director of Learning Light, a leading research-led elearning company, recently conducted an in-depth review of four EssentialsPlus elearning modules, one from each range. He comments: “EssentialsPlus learning is much more aligned to Generation Y… treating learning as more of an explorative web and resource based learning experience. 

“The benefits to an organisation in using an e-learning course such as this cannot be underestimated. Yes it will evidence compliance, and yes of course it will save time and money for the organisation with its flexible design and concise and effective delivery, but it will in our view stimulate interest as this learning is real, using real people in realistic situations with a compelling narrative that will demand attention and stimulate action in the organisation.” 

Learning is tracked, so if it is not possible to finish the course in one go, learners can return to the course later on any device and pick up right where they left off. 

David continues: “The feedback is strong – very well done indeed. The guided revision is well designed to ensure a high level of learner retention.” 

City & Guilds Kineo has developed an innovative pricing model to suit all sizes of organisation. It takes into account a range of factors to ensure a small company only pays for what it needs, whilst a large company can benefit from economies of scale. 

Why not find out more about EssentialsPlus, or take a free trial today?  View the in-depth reviews of four EssentialsPlus modules via Learning Light.


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