Discover with Kineo

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of seeing traditional talking heads videos, where the responses are over-practiced and polished. We set our marketing team a different challenge – to capture the spirit of Kineo as it really is. No script, no retakes, no glossy filters. How do we really roll?

It's all about the people

Kineo’s greatest asset is the people who make up the team, so we asked them how they really feel about Kineo. What’s their favourite thing about working here? If Kineo were a colour, a flavour or a country, what would it be? Their answers are inspirational, funny – in some cases downright weird. What a perfect reflection of Kineo itself! 

So now it’s over to you – what would your answers to the questions be? 

Do you also share our passion for creativity and delivering great customer service? Thinking about joining our award-winning team – well here’s our current vacancies.   

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