Accidental Instructional Designer Webinar [SLIDES & RECORDING]

Whether your journey in instructional design is planned or accidental - how can you prepare yourself, or continue to develop your skills and knowledge for a thriving career in instructional design? Last week, we sat down with Cammy Bean in a special global webinar, where she shared insights, tips and her own experiences in the wild world of instructional design. 

Newbie ID? Here's a Great Place to Start

Registrants were keen to get the ball rolling with Cammy; submitting questions weeks leading up to the webinar - everything from wanting to know how to get ahead in the field, to those wanting the inside scoop on the best tricks and tools of the trade. During the hour-long webinar, Cammy worked through several key themes that attendees were keen to hear more about, including: how to get started, skills & competencies, tools & technology of the trade, ID education: yay or nay? - and much more! This webinar offered anyone looking to make the intentional leap over to to instructional design, or even those who have been accidentally lassoed into it, practical tips and examples of what's expected of an instructional designer in this day and age, and what is necessary to build and develop a solid foundation of skills and knowledge to create a thriving career in instructional designer - and love what you do! 

Sharing is Caring - Spread the Word

Below you will find both the recording and slides from the Accidental Instructional Designer webinar; feel free to share and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below:

Recording of the Accidental ID Webinar

Slides From the Accidental ID Webinar

Want More? We've Got the Resources Ready for You! 

Want to know more about Cammy's own accidental journey with instructional design?  Read more about her adventure here. Looking for some free resources to help get you on your way to becoming an instructional design guru? You're in good hands. Head on over to our free resources section, for industry insights, free guides and plenty of tips to help you on your way. Find out 7 tips to jump start your instructional design career, and find out what resources and books Cammy recommends for an ID! 


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