Apprenticeship Week at River Cottage

Apprenticeship Week has come around again, giving Learning & Development specialists the opportunity to speak to the potential apprentices of tomorrow - students.

river cottage-case-studyEvery year it is always full steam ahead with events, workshops and debates to name just a few, and this year was no exception. At City & Guilds Kineo we visited River Cottage during Apprenticeship Week to participate in their world class workforce event. The event gave employers the opportunity to come together to discuss the key issues they are facing with apprenticeships. 

Apprenticeship Debate

The final event of the day was a debate with a panel consisting of employers, members of the National Apprenticeship Service, a former apprentice from River Cottage and finally our Director at City & Guilds Kineo. The majority of the audience were made up of local businesses who are looking to take on apprentices or already have some within their companies.

World Class Workforce

Throughout the debate it was clear that the employers recognised that in order to create quality apprenticeships for their community they all have to work together, with the ethos of the day being 'the mission is to create a team of businesses who can work together to build a world class workforce'. Employers were encouraged to embrace apprentices and urged to engage with the talent of the future as they are the ones who can help to close the skills gap that the UK is currently facing.

The day was filled with discussions around apprenticeships, funding and accreditation, all of which are key focus points for employers looking to invest in training for their employees. We look forward to seeing local organisations working together to improve apprenticeships for the future generation.

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