ASTD TechKnowledge 2012 Preview

While our UK colleagues prepare for Learning Technologies in London, our US team sets their sights, once ASTD 2012 logoagain, on Las Vegas, baby. It’s ASTD’s TK12, a convergence of 1,500 learning professional from all over the US and the world. The main conference runs January 25-27, 2012. 

In a typical year, approximately 70% of TechKnowledge attendees are first-timers—learning professionals looking to keep up with trends in learning technologies and develop their own elearning skills.  Many of them are traditional classroom trainers, beginning to explore elearning for the first time.

As the chairperson of this year’s conference committee, our very own Cammy Bean has been upfront and personal with program development. “This year’s committee worked hard to select sessions that would help learning professionals look forward to upcoming technologies, but also meet the needs of practitioners and organizations needing to get things done in the here and now.”

The keynotes this year look like they’ll deliver, with talks by noted gaming expert and author, Jane McGonigal; head of Learning and Development at Facebook, Stuart Crabb; and Chancellor of the VA Acquisition Academy, Lisa Doyle.

Here’s a rundown of the Kineo team’s presentations:


Stop the Yawning

On Thursday at 11:00am, Cammy will lead a lively session (one would hope!) on Yawn-Proofing Your eLearning . Sharing tips and lots of example, Cammy aims to show some simple but effective ways to design elearning programs that cut out the click-clicky blah-blah and instead get the learners sitting up and paying attention.


ARAMARK Case Study

On Friday at 9:45am, Steve Lowenthal will be co-presenting a case study with Dale Wallace of ARAMARK  on created a blended classroom and elearning program.  We worked with Dale and her team to create a Competency Based Interviewing program – for a preview, be sure to read our ARAMARK case study.


TK Chats

And because Cammy likes to take her inner-talk show host out in public every once in awhile, she’ll be moderating two TK Chat sessions this year.  TK Chats are audience driven, informal panel discussions held in a staged area right outside of the vendor Expo. Join Cammy for a session on Instructional Design (Wednesday at 4:30pm) with Ellen Wagner, Allison Rossett, Karl Kapp and Steve Villachica.  On Friday she’ll be leading another session on mobile learning (Friday 10:15am) with Chad Udell and Kris Rockwell.


New to the conference this year, is the Tech Kafe—a relaxing chill out space located next to the TK Chat area where all the learning conversations can continue.  The Kineo team plans on spending time between sessions hanging out here, so be sure to look for us and share a cup of coffee. Or a cup of something else. It is Vegas.

There’s still time to register for the conference and come meet us in Vegas!