ASTD TechKnowledge 2013 Preview

This January, the Kineo US team heads to San Jose, CA – where the skies are sunny and the learning’s good – for another edition of ASTD’s annual TechKnowledge conference. This year, the theme is Learning Technology: Applied.Sounds like a conference to roll up your sleeves and get to work at!

So what’s on tap from team Kineo, aside from the required trip to the Dive Bar, San Jose’s famous Karaoke nightspot and a gathering place for many a learning-nerd at conference time?

Taking a look at learning models

On Thursday, Kineo US’s VP of Learning Design Cammy Bean, will lead a session exploring some useful learning models (design patterns) that new and experiences practitioners can apply to their design challenges.

These models combine some of the best principles and leading practices gained from our years of research and experience. They can give your internal teams a shared vocabulary and point of view and ensures every program has a solid instructional design strategy at its foundation.

And what’s up with HTML5?

Kineo’s US Art Director Brian Beverly and our US Senior Developer Serge Abellard join forces to share what’s up with HTML5 – cutting through the hype and focusing on what designers and developers need to know about HTML5. Stop the panic in the streets and be calm, people! It’s just another shift in our technology landscape. And we’ll survive this one, too.

Brian and Serge will talk about the impact of HTML5 on our profession, explore currently available off-the-shelf-tools for HTML5 development and take a look at the emerging world of Responsive Elearning Design (what we call RED!). Along the way, they’ll share loads of examples of solutions built in a variety of tools for a variety of platforms.

If you’ll be in San Jose for ASTD TK13, hunt us down and be sure to say “Hi. For more information and to register, visit the ASTD TK13 Conference website.