ASTD TechKnowledge 2013 Review

San Jose is a great little town for a conference and we’re always game for a visit. This year, San Jose did not let us down—nor did ASTD TechKnowledge 2013.

We felt a palpable change in the air—more people are embracing new technologies and not gasping in fear. Mobile has gone mainstream, HTML5 conversations don’t strike fear into the hearts of men and women, and everywhere people seem focused on providing better learning experiences through blends and the right use of the right technologies for the right purpose.

Cammy Bean, our US VP of Learning Design, walked the halls and sat on lots of sessions this year. You can catch up with her live blogged notes from the sessions she attended (or presented!) here:

And last, but by no means least: Cammy Bean's Effective Design Models (which you can also view below)

Were you at TK13? What did you take away? What are you going to do differently? Let us know in our Elearning Professionals Group.

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