DevLearn 2011

This year, the eLearning Guild hosted a week of learning in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Vegas tagline: “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” – but that’s not the case when you put a bunch of learning professionals together who are eager to share.Dev Learn 2011 logo

So what were the big takeaways and trends from this year’s show?

Move over content – curation is king

With the ever-rising amount of data and information that’s poured onto the Internet every hour, it’s becoming more and more critical that we keep a human touch. Stephen Rosenblaum’s Thursday keynote made a great case for the role of the content curators (Curation is King!). It’s a job we must all take on as each of us has become a publisher in the past few years (have you posted a picture to Facebook, tweeted or retweeted a thought on Twitter, written a blog post?)

Cammy’s shared her live blogged notes from Rosenblaum’s session.


We’re no longer wondering about if or when mobile learning will happen. It’s come out of the prototype lab, is happening now and vendors and designers have wares to show, products to pitch and ideas to share. We’re out of the abstract “what will it look like world” to “it’s happening now and here’s some practical things to know.”

There were sessions on mobile strategy, numerous sessions on HTML5 and tools now available, as well as mobile design sessions.

At Kineo, we’ve been working on some mobile apps ourselves for several clients, and you can already see what we’ve done for our Health & Safety Essentials and our Kineo Top Tips free apps.

Cammy live-blogged Tom Crawford’s Mobile Design session if you’re looking for some ideas.

Learning’s but a stream

The call to get learning out of the training department and embedded into the daily lives and workflows of individuals continues to grow. With sessions called “How experiential, social, and on-demand learning trends impact your designs” (led by Aaron Silvers and Reuben Tozman) and discussions led by Charles Jennings, Jane Hart and Harold Jarche on moving us from training to performance consulting the voice for change is strong. Mobile learning puts content at your employee’s fingertips – when and where they need it, not just while chained to their desks.

The expo and DemoFest

As always, the expo floor was hopping with vendors hawking their wares and services: authoring tools, LMSs, templates, custom content creation and off the shelf content libraries. The big buzz is still around the upcoming releases of two hot products: Articulate Storyline and Zebra Zapps. We’ve been playing with early versions and can’t wait for these to go live. We’ll tell you more about them as soon as they’re up and running.

Always a favorite, DemoFest provided a lively evening of ellearning showcases where vendors and individuals showed off their projects. We took special note of the number of programs created for tablet devices – from sales and product training to business writing skills programmes.

Wrap up

Always a good show, we look forward to going back next year! Nothing stayed in Vegas by the way. And even if it did, we couldn’t tell you about it.

And speaking of content curation, be sure to check out the DevLearn backchannel – a comprehensive list of resources gathered during the conference, curated by David Kelly (@lnddave).