Get Blended with Our New Webinar Series

Inspired by our newly released Blends that Work Guides, the global Kineo offices will be hosting a consecutive #BlendsThatWork webinar series, focused on best practice blended learning in different solution areas.

The series launches on Thursday April 2nd at 1pm CST with Make Blended Learning Work for Leaders. Targeted for busy L&D professionals and decision makers, each webinar session offers bite-sized learning in just 30 minutes. We’ll share practical tips on making blends works and showcase a number of examples to get you inspired.

To accommodate L&D professionals in  different regions and timezones, we will be offering global webinar presentations.  

The series includes:

  • Make Blended Learning Work for Leaders - What does an effective blended program looks like for leaders and managers? We will explore use cases and offer tips and insights for developing a program that works for your organization.
  • Make Blended Learning Work for Sales Training - What unique challenges does a sales training team need to overcome? How can a blended learning program enhance the effectiveness of  your sales.
  • Make Blended Learning Work for Onboarding - How can you more effectively engage new hires through a blended learning approach? 
  • Make Blended Learning Work for Compliance Training - How can we design compliance training that goes beyond checking-the-box and doesn’t just end up being boring?

Registering your interest

So whether you’re bidding adieu to an old learning program, or dabbling with some minor touch-ups to bring your learning mojo back, our webinar series is destined to help you rethink and refresh your learning programs - Pick just one or attend them all! You'll find full details over on our events page.


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