Getenergy 2012 Review

Kineo attended the Getenergy 2012 show in London earlier in June. It’s the only education and training event that exclusively focuses on the global energy industry – so we were keen to be there to see the issues up close, and of course share our views and experience from our 8 years working in this sector.

The event focused on the challenges that the energy sector faced – sessions covered:

  • Process safety training
  • Planning and implementing competency management systems
  • Managing the expectations of a younger workforce
  • Making mentoring programmes work
  • Fast tracking scientists and engineers

Some key points that emerged through these sessions, and our discussions on the stand:

  • Many organisations in this sector are still maturing – there’s an appetite and a cost-driven need to move from traditional approaches and embrace technology – e-learning, Virtual Classroom and mobile-based solutions.
  • Technology remains a challenge – solutions need to consider offline and online deliveries, and support employees in the field who have no or little connectivity to the central LMS.
  • Quality counts: Page turning does not cut it – employees need to be engaged in the learning to increase the take up of e-learning. Even when compliance e-learning is a must do, it still has to engage and be effective.
  • Bridging the gap left by older LMS systems – Competency based solutions are required to support mapping and delivery of competency based learning that enables compliance and role-based training to be delivered and tracked. Companies are looking at tactical solutions to deliver this, i.e. partner with HR system providers, and create integration points with their older LMS systems.
  • LMS upgrade please... A number of the energy companies are reviewing their current LMS providers as part of systems rationalisation or the need to upgrade to more up-to-date systems that meet their current and future needs.

These themes and challenges chime with the findings in our new Energy Sector report – which we gave away at the show. If you missed it, you can get a copy here.

It was great to catch up with many industry experts at the show. If you’d like to get in touch to talk about your needs in the sector, just mail, fill out the contact form, or call your local office.