How to Revamp Your Induction Learning [SLIDES]

The first 90 days can make or break a new hire - and when 50% end up leaving their job within this time frame, L&D Departments need to shift attention to the onboarding process for a solution. Organisations need to be savvy when it comes to onboarding  and that means looking to technology to exceed new hire expectations, whilst preventing common onboarding challenges.

On April 30th, City & Guilds Kineo invited the global learning and development community to attend the latest webinar: All Onboard! How to Revamp Induction Learning with a Multi-Device Approach. Attendees had the chance to gain a better understanding of what makes great onboarding/induction training, what it should look and feel like, and why a multi-device approach  to onboarding is something you need to start thinking about.

 If you missed it, not a problem, we've got a handy slidedeck ready for you:

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