Israeli L&D Conference 20th Anniversary Review

The annual Israeli Learning and Development conference, which took place on February 5-6 2013 in Tel Aviv, attracted more than 600 L&D professionals from leading organisations in the Israeli market. Kineo Israel’s Director of Learning Solutions, Amir Elion, was this year’s conference chairman. 

Israeli learning conference

The 2013 event, with Kineo Israel also participating as one of the major sponsors, celebrated the 20th anniversary for Israeli Learning and Development conference. This year’s event theme was "The Changing Role of the Learning in Organisations" and explored how this change affects the role of learning professionals and departments.

Keynote speakers Dr. Allison Rosett, Donald H. Taylor, Prof. Zvi Segal and Hans de Zwart, made it clear that we are living in a fast changing reality, especially in business organisations. Therefore, L&D departments which will not be able to cope with these changes and provide fast and valuable solutions, face the danger of quickly becoming irrelevant.

Feedback from conference participants - as well as active responses through blog posts, the conference Facebook page, talks and emails to the organisers - marked this show as one of the best Israeli learning conference ever, and we at Kineo Israel are very happy to have been a part of it.

Hertzel Kuriel, Kineo Israel’s Managing Director said after the show: “It was great to see so many clients we have been working with since our inception in 2009. We are grateful that we had the chance to be one of the major sponsors of the 20th Israeli L&D conference and I am very pleased with the positive reaction that we hear from conference visitors. The learning world is changing globally and we see these changes taking place in Israel, too. It is very exciting to be part of it all. Kudos to Amir who organised a great show. We are already looking forward to next year’s event.”