Kineo Jazz Networking Event Review

On a balmy evening in August, in picturesque Flinders Lane, learning and development enthusiasts joined together at ‘Downstairs at Bluestones’ to partake in all things elearning and jazz, hosted by the wonderful Kineo Pacific team.

The event, hailed as a success by all those who attended, provided a much needed chance for those attending the LearnX 2012 Conference to let their hair down and socialise with other industry leaders.

This was also a chance for those attending to learn all about the masterminds behind the Kineo Pacific team, and in an eventful game of 2 Truths and 1 Lie, the real identities of the Kineo team members became quite clear. Attendees of the evening were also given the chance to show their creative side by explaining to us in 25 words or less what elearning and jazz have in common. See below for our favourite 5 answers.

Surrounded by the dulcet tones of the beautiful Hetty Kate, the uplifting underground jazz networking event showcased the Kineo elearning opportunities and highlighted how Kineo’s elearning, like jazz, ‘both help tell a story and have the ability to draw you in’ - Kirsti Viitala

After a much enjoyed night by all, Kineo Pacific would like to thank all those who attended and supported the event.

KineoPacific Jazz1   KineoPacific Jazz2

You can view more photos of the night on Kineo Pacific's Flickr profile.

Elearning and Jazz – What do they have in common?

We asked the attendees their views on what elearning and jazz had in common, with some interesting responses.  Our top 5 being:

  1. Both break with traditions and push boundaries, being somewhat daunting initially but ultimately rewardingDerek Smits
  2. The final product reflects a blend of different elements put together in a creative manner to entertain the audienceAna Tovar
  3. Both jazz and elearning have various originating elements that come together to produce a whole creative experience i.e. music or learning Simone Henderson
  4. They are both uplifting and have the potential to take you somewhere magical -Natalie Goldman
  5. They are both interactive and draw in groups of people. Both are a platform that opens up possibilities to different styles of interaction Sanaz Kalamtori

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