Cammy Bean Reports: Kineo US Update From The Road

April was ASTD month here at Kineo US, with Cammy Bean, our VP of Learning Design, crossing the continent for two back-to-back appearances at ASTD regional events. Here’s the update from the road.

ASTD New England Innovations in Learning

The adventures started on the east coast, with about 200 learning professionals gathered outside of Boston to share ideas and strategies for designing and creating more innovation learning solutions.  Organised by the ASTD’s New England Chapters, participants came from points near and far including Massachusetts, Maine, and Connecticut.

Thursday evening’s networking event kicked things off.  Best part of the event? Buttons that said “I don’t remember your name either.”  But actually, better than that was the chance to talk to other learning professionals and hear their organisation’s challenges.  Small companies struggling with onboarding issues, individuals working on software Captivate training initiatives, people wondering just how to do training and elearning better – sounds familiar, eh?

The conference event started full swing on Friday, with an opening (virtual) keynote from Elliot Masie. He urged participants to let learning solutions be “good enough” and to strive to include more elements of storytelling in their work.

Concurrent sessions throughout the day focused on elearning design, mobile case studies and brain-based learning.

Cammy led two afternoon sessions - 45 minutes times two covering the same content - an encore-performance kind of format that left her reaching for her water glass and speaking double from time to time!  Cammy shared some simple tips and strategies for designing more effective and engaging elearning without blowing a big budget on high end media elements.

Check out her slides here:


We’re looking forward to participating in more of these regional ASTD events – smaller and more intimate than the larger conferences, with a chance to really interact with other conference goers and hear of the daily challenges we’re all trying to meet.

ASTD LearnNow Conference

Fast forward to the following Monday, and there Cammy is on the west coast in lovely San Francisco helping kick things off for ASTD’s LearnNow Conference.  Co-hosted by Bob Mosher and Conrad Gottfredson of Ontuitive, this conference focused on the changing needs of businesses and how learning organisations can leverage new and different ways of thinking about learning and technology. 

Cammy worked alongside of Bob and Conrad as well as Chad Udell of Float Learning, to explore ways to use technology in different ways to support learning, including mobile learning, social learning, and embedded performance support tools.  Another intimate conference, LearnNow hosted about 60 people in total, allowing for in depth conversations, deep reflection and real problem solving.

Cammy live blogged most of the sessions, so be check out her feed for some great posts and conference recaps via the links below:


It was a really great conference format,” says Cammy.  “I was honored to be a facilitator, and humbly feel I walked away having learned more than my share!

ASTD LearnNow will  be happening again July 25-26, 2012 in Boston, so if you’re up for some summertime fun and learning in Boston, be sure to join in.


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