Learning 3.0 Review

More than three hundred and fifty learning leaders travelled to Chicago for Training Magazine’s Learning 3.0 Conference on October 24 and 25. The conference focused on key trends and technologies that are taking learning to the next level.

Three members of the Kineo US team were tapped up to lead sessions and spark innovation among attendees.

Kineo US CEO, Steve Lowenthal, led the session, E-learning Design How Shall We Define You? The session kicked off with a discussion of what it means to be an Instructional Designer and the key tasks involved – deciding what to cover, how to organise it and how to present it. The session went on to explore best practices including applying the Pareto Principle to prioritise content, defining a set of learning models for your organisation to align with different training needs and interactive design strategies to engage audiences.

Kineo US Graphics Director, Brian Beverly and Senior Developer, Serge Abellard led the session What You Need to Know about HTML5? They facilitated a lively discussion that included addressing questions such as:

  • As an e-learning professional, what do you really need to know about this emerging technology?
  • What is HTML5 and why should you care?
  • Do you need to put a plan in place to convert all of your existing courses?
  • Do you need to change the way you design and develop your training?

Get in touch with our US team to find out more about how they can support you – our US HQ is right there in Chicago: enquiries@kineo.com