Learning Insights Live 2012: Event Review

When we launched our new report on E-learning Trends with E-learning Age, we were keen to take it out on the road and bring it to life. So just a week after launch, we found ourselves – and about 100 of you - gorging on cakes at our hosts City & Guilds’ offices in London.

But was there food for thought beyond the pastries? You bet... Here’s a quick rundown of what we shared.


Kineo Managing Director and general ringmaster of these occasions Steve Rayson kicked it off with the vital information: the all essential hashtag #kineoinsights, which generated plenty of backchannel chatter through the day.

Kirstie Donnelly, City & Guilds Director of Product Development and our host for the day welcomed us with a short history of City & Guilds and its vital role in educating people for work since the 1870s. And to prove it works, all of our delicious food was prepared by City & Guilds catering apprentices. Bet their e-learning is good – but more on that later...

Kirstie also shared the recent Happiness Index research sponsored by City & Guilds which shows who’s happiest at work. Turns out (brace yourself) that gardeners and florists are the happiest, while bankers, IT professionals and HR workers are the least. At Kineo we’ve developed learning for all of the above – just trying to keep everyone happy :)

Keynote speech: Clive Shepherd on the new Learning Architect

Clive Shepherd, E-learning guru at large, took us through the story of the new Learning Architect. What’s a Learning Architect? You probably are one, you just don’t know it yet. Clive shared his four contexts for learning – you’ll find more on this in the Learning Insights report so we won’t repeat here – but it’s a really useful way to think through the right learning architecture for your audience, and consider their means, motive and opportunity. We were also told to do “less sneerleading, and more cheerleading”. I think that was Clive telling his audience to turn their frowns upside-down...

E-learning Insight Report Findings

Steve Rayson, and E-learning Age Editor Peter Williams took us through the 10 key findings of the Learning Insights report. You can find them in animated form here:

Towards Maturity Benchmark Findings: Laura Overton

Laura, recent recipient of e.learning Age Special Achievement Award shared some of the initial findings from the Towards Maturity report. Interestingly she also talked about gardening – and why you can’t expect things to blossom overnight. Patience... and if you don’t have any, the full survey goes live on Nov 22nd, so take a look. We’ll do a full review next month.

Trends in Practice: quick demos

We then looked at a range of recent work we’ve done in partnership with clients, which highlighted some of the report trends in action (and picked up some awards on the way):

  • Farewell flash – what HTML can do for responsive design:Rory Lawson showed examples of work for Barclays and Vodafone that demonstrate how responsive design powered by HTML, can deliver to multiple devices.
  • Seamless journeys for product knowledge: Stuart Chadwick demonstrated our award-winning work for Nikon. It combines some lovely product e-learning, a customised Moodle platform, games and resources, to provide a global solution for Nikon’s resellers. Read the full case study here.
  • Compliance, but not as you know it...: Stephen Walsh shared examples from our Brandon Hall Gold Award-winning modules for Warner Bros. By taking a theme and borrowing from what works in the movies, these modules ‘take a boring subject and make it interesting’ to quote one user.
  • Creating a Global Vocational Marketplace online: Kirstie Donnelly and Stephen Walsh shared a preview of output of their partnership, the City & Guilds Way: a new online marketplace for vocational education. It combines sector-specific front-end portals with guidance, blended learning journeys, tutor support, community tools, assessment, and connection to employers. We showcased some of the Food and Drink content and learned – once and for all – how and when to wash our hands. You can see more of this one on December 6th at the LSG Webinar at 10am. Register here.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our work on these projects – just get in touch.

The after session split in two (as many of us nearly did after a great lunch, again thank you City & Guilds apprentices!)

Track 1: Totara Update

Kineo’s Technical Director Sven Laux highlighted current features of Totara 2.2 such as Program Management and Audience Managment, and gave us an update on progress and future developments including Performance Management, Open Badges and& Totara Social. You can get a full update here:

Mike Booth of Cable & Wireless showed us how Totara was in use at Cable & Wireless WorldWide, including how Cable Wireless use the program management functionality to manage their new starter program.

Track 2: Responsive E-Learning Design

We shared some of the new directions we’re taking with the Kineo Responsive E-learning Design framework, Adapt. The framework enables us to create a single version of e-learning that runs on multiple devices, intelligently displaying the appropriate content for the device. Our early work with clients on this is showing that it’s a gamechanger for mobile learning. We had lively discussion on what’s possible in HTML (plenty), how scrolling is the new back and next (but better), and a preview of what’s coming next with the ADAPT framework. And we all decided that some browsers are better than others. You can find out more about our RED approach here.

If you were there: hope you enjoyed it and the sessions.

If you weren’t: get in touch so we can put you on the list for next time... or join the discussion in the ELearning Professionals Group on LinkedIn.