Learning Live 2014 - Key Themes and Presentation Slides

Last week, Learning Live 2014 brought together the collective thinking from the L&D sector, showcasing new ideas, latest trends and fresh insights. Over the two days, City & Guilds Kineo joined in the sharing with two business workshops, focusing on onboarding and multi-device design.

Our two sessions were very well received, so we didn’t think it would be fair to keep them to ourselves. Here, we share our slides from the sessions, and some of the key questions that emerged from the workshops.

The Multi-Device Learning Revolution – The Design Questions

It’s happening. Like it or not, the multi-device learning revolution is here. We even recently blogged about why we think learners love it so much. So how do you design for this multitude of devices?

In this business workshop we explored a range of effective learning sequences that work for multi-device, putting the AIDA learning model to the test. Our presenter, Mark Harrison, also questioned several key areas of multi-device design which got the audience thinking:

  • What makes multi-device learning different to traditional elearning?
  • Where do people want to learn?
  • How do you present your content? Same content, just different presentation or different content for different devices?
  • Is moving to multi-device learning a revolution or a mutation?

Check out the slides from the session here:

Onboarding: The Key Steps to Getting it Right

We truly believe onboarding can meet both new hire & organisational needs, as long as you put time and energy into getting your onboarding right. We talked about this extensively in our recent onboarding guide. But what makes good onboarding, and how do you engage with brand new learners?

This business workshop explored the many different types of learning and blends that you can use to engage with new learners. Our presenters Nina Brebner and Kirstie Greany asked the audience:

  • Why should you onboard?
  • Whose needs does it aim to meet? Organisation vs employee needs
  • What does your organisation need from its onboarding programme?
  • What does a new starter need?

We also highlighted the top 10 onboarding must-dos in order to get it right. Take a look at the full slide deck here:

Want to Learn More?

If you weren’t able to attend the event, or just want to talk to us about how we can help you with your next onboarding programme or multi-device elearning, get in touch.

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