Learning Solutions 2013 - Wrap-up

It actually rained in Orlando this year during Learning Solutions 2013.  Shocking, right? We were certainly shocked.  But rain can’t stop over 1,300 people from learning.

This year, our own Cammy Bean put the focus again on helping those relatively new to the field of elearning instructional design evolve their practices.

Cammy led a pre-conference workshop called The Accidental Instructional Designer and here’s what she had to say:

A lot of people fall into this profession by accident—they have subject matter expertise, or are good in a classroom, or can write a really good job aid.  And poof!—now they get to be responsible for designing and developing elearning. 

And yet whether by accident or by design, most people that I come across have developed a passion for this work and want to make a difference. They want to design elearning that’s better and not just slides of drone-y content.

And that’s who came to my Accidental ID workshop.  This year we had participants from a health care institution in Poland, a hospital in Chicago, a bank in Minneapolis, and a college in Toronto – to name but a few.  They were all looking for practical tips and ideas to make better elearning.  Some were just getting started – and needed the basics.  Others were looking for creative but simple strategies to help people walk away from elearning with more actionable tools and information.

We looked at a lot of examples of elearning and workshopped some solutions to some sample client problems.  Active and engaged, participants walked away with heads full of ideas and things they said they’ll start using right away.

I love seeing the excitement that we generate in a session like this.

Biggest aha moment for participants? Liberating them from the need to open every elearning program with a bulleted list of learning objectives that no one ever reads and encouraging them to instead open with a way that grabs and sustains people’s interest and attention.

The full Learning Solutions Conference hosted a packed Expo, concurrent sessions and some fabulous keynotes.  For more rundown of Learning Solutions, explore the LS2013 Backchannel Listing.