Learning Technologies 2008 Review

Ian and the guys promised us a great Learning Technologies this year with more pre-registered visitors, 120 exhibitors and 40 seminar sessions. We are pleased to say they didn't disappoint. There was a great sense of buzz as you walked around the place.

What was interesting was that the buzz stemmed not from exciting or hyped new technologies but from a real sense of a maturing industry. This comment from John Ingam reflected our feelings: “I was pleasantly surprised to find that what was definitely hype a few years ago is slowly turning into practice, with some great examples of technology enabled learning (with the emphasis on learning rather than technology) being discussed.”

Much of the hype that has often been associated with elearning was not present. Equally many of the naysayers of elearning are firmly being put in their place by increasing examples of effective use of learning technologies. There are a growing number of persuasive case studies of the effective ways in which elearning is being applied in organisations. We were pleased to see many of our own clients presenting case studies and demonstrating real returns on their investments.

This general sense of a mature and growing adoption of elearning is reflected in the latest American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) report on the state of the industry that 30.28% of learning hours were technology-based delivery in 2006. This was up from 11% five years ago.

For us at Kineo we had our first stand at the conference and it was great to be part of the carnival. The stand was busy both days. Jay Cross in his conference report noted that we had the busiest stand which our tired feet and hunger could attest to. When are they going to sort out the lunch situation in Olympia? It was great though to see so many old and new friends, we will definitely be back next year.

If you missed Learning Technologies have a look at Jay’s 5 minute overview:

Best blog from the conference goes to Clive Shepherd for Bloggers and Belly Dancing.

Our vote for best slide goes to this one from Donald Clark. We are not sure exactly what aspect of social networking this was in relation to…


See you all next year.


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