LearnX 2012 Review

With most of our heads still spinning at the end of August, the Kineo Pacific team took some much needed time out to reflect on the wonderful whirlwind event that was the LearnX 2012 Conference.

Attracting over 400 delegates at the Melbourne Convention Centre, the LearnX conference was a great chance for industry leaders and colleagues to come together and share invaluable insight about successful strategies, learning technologies and best practices that come from on-the-job experience.

Key themes

The 3 key themes that emerged from the conference were:

  • Mobile becoming the tool of choice - Guest speakers and delegates mentioned mobile learning and the impact it is starting to have as organisations realise the potential of a flexible medium, especially for 'on-job' access to knowledge.
  • Trend in 'partnerships' between elearning specialised companies and in-house training teams - In-house training teams having certain level of skills to be able to build some elearning and maintain elearning while partnering with elearning companies to provide the extra skills or the extra capacity when its needed. This model seems to becoming increasing popular.
  • Blended learning - Many organisations in this sector are still maturing -Quite a few organisations are still yet to really start to use elearning and many are now starting from the point of view that the blend is the way to go, so they are entering at a time when there’s an appetite and a cost-driven need to move from traditional approaches and mature thinking around embracing technology – elearning, Virtual Classroom and mobile-based solutions. 

Breakout Session: Becoming a Learning MasterChef – The Recipe for a Perfect Blend

Kineo’s own Sue Dark and Tina Griffin led a breakout session that provided a yummy taste of information about creating the recipe for the perfect blend of learning. Sue and Tina discussed the true meaning of blended learning and all that it encompasses, and reviewed all the areas that need to be considered when implementing a blended learning approach in any organisation.

Key Note Presentation: Emerging Learning Technologies – An Open Source Approach

OpenSource approach to LMSShowcasing also was the ever witty Nigel Young, enlightening us on an open source approach to learning management systems and the power this can create for your organisation.

Nigel’s presentation addressed the key areas of the definition of open source in relation to freedom and the way this affects the learning technologies we use and the learning environments we create in our organisation.

Nigel posed the question: If learning is Open Source, if teaching and training are Open Source, if the very nature of understanding is Open Source… Shouldn't the systems you use to teach, train and learn on be Open Source? For the answer to this question and to view the presentations slides on Nigel's Elearning Blog.

In conjunction with the LearnX conference Kineo Pacific hosted Australia’s first instalment of the ever popular Kineo Jazz. The event, held at ‘Downstairs at Bluestones’, was made magical by the sultry vocals of Hetty Kate, and provided a fantastic opportunity for clients and industry professionals to inspire each other on the joys of both elearning and jazz. Read the Kineo Jazz Networking Event Report to find out more about the event - and what the attendees thought elearning and jazz have in common.

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