National Apprenticeship Week 2013: Review of Kineo and City & Guilds activities

March 11-15 2013 was National Apprenticeship Week in the UK and it provided an opportunity for Kineo and City & Guilds to do some joined up work and communications around the value of apprenticeships.

Providing opportunities for people to enter the workforce and develop skills via apprenticeships is something that’s at the core of what City & Guilds stands for. City & Guilds leads the apprenticeship initiative in the UK and is looking to create a million new apprenticeships in the UK by Summer 2013. Find out more at

Highlights from last week included...


Kineo produced an overview on the five key benefits of apprenticeships, if you haven’t seen it (or you can only think of four benefits and are kicking yourself) it's here.


City & Guilds and Kineo co-hosted a webinar on the future of apprenticeships during the week. We had guest speakers from Tesco, TUI and ex-London Underground talking about the role of apprenticeships in their business. We got some lively speakers, and some good points on where apprenticeships need to go.

A couple of Key points came through from the clients involved:

Andy Smyth from TUI

    • Key quote:  "Apprentices we’re recruiting are highly motivated and therefore learn quickly and are eager to achieve and perform in their roles. When compared to other staff at the same age and same area of experience, TUI Apprentices were 17% more productive in sales and also more able to identify more profitable sales. Because of their motivation, they tended to be promoted more quickly than others with like-for-like experience. Additionally, Apprentices tend to stay about 2 years longer in the business. On top of that, there have been unexpected benefits of having apprentices in the business. For example, other staff are actually benefiting from training that apprentices are receiving as they work collaboratively with other colleagues."

    • Future focus: "Technology is pivotal to the future of these programmes. We want to work with government to overcome obstacles that currently exist to extend the range of our programmes and ramp up our volume of apprentices."

    • Top tip: Be clear on the business problem that are you trying to solve before starting an apprenticeship programme.  

Iain Smith, Council member at City & Guilds
, (delivered TfL apprenticeship programme)

    • Key quote: "The average age of engineers is 57 at TfL. Clearly this is not sustainable for the future. Apprenticeships are a first class way of addressing this issue. Some benefits are tactile, some are emotional, but many are statistically proven. Apprenticeships have created a steady stream of good people growing through TfL. An awful lot of our apprenticeship applications come from our employees’ kids – is this the ultimate employee satisfaction score?"

    • Future focus: "If my kids want to learn something, they go to YouTube. I don’t think organisations have tackled that issue yet and they are going to need to soon."

    • Top tip: The government will give you frameworks but you can add so much value by adding on to them to make sure you get the right skills for your business.

See the slides from the webinar here- and check back soon for the webinar recording.

New services

As you’d expect, we’ve been looking at how learning technology and blended approaches can enhance the apprenticeship experience and we’re working on a new offer which brings Kineo’s learning technology services into the heart of City & Guilds apprenticeships – watch this space for more.