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Are we underutilizing managers in learning and development? Managers play a crucial role in furthering strategies in organizations. Yet, managers are all too often ignored in the development process. How can we effectively include managers in the L&D process and get the results we aim for? Kineo US CEO, Steve Lowenthal, explores this in his article, "Focus on the Managers," recently published on Training Industry.

Article excerpt: 

Employees turn to their managers for cues on what strategies and priorities are important within a company. For example, when a call center wants to improve its customer service, managers must work with agents to change the style of conversations with its customers. Likewise, when a company wants to focus on cultivating existing clients versus finding new ones, the sales manager needs to coach the sales team to change approaches.

In the learning and development industry, managers are often ignored and business leaders don’t get the results they seek. They may create a new training course for customer service agents or salespeople, but they do not explicitly address the needs of the managers or support the skills and development they require to make change happen.

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