Free Webinar - Delivering Business Results with E-Learning

Need evidence that e-learning delivers results? This free Learning and Skills Group webinar examines specific case studies which demonstrate very clearly the business value of e-learning. Stephen Walsh of Kineo will co-present with Kineo clients including Marks & Spencer, to show how they have delivered proven business benefits.

Using case studies from McDonald's and Marks & Spencer, the webinar will explore not only significant cost savings in the delivery of training but also how e-learning has driven significant performance improvement. In these examples Stephen will show how the e-learning resulted in documented sales growth, improved customer satisfaction scores, and improved financial performance, as well as significant cost reduction.

In this webinar, we’ll explore:

• Choosing your metrics and setting a baseline
• Focusing on the behavioural changes that will deliver results
• Getting implementation right
• Communicating your success within the business
• Building on success with managers and learners

The webinar is being run by the Learning and Skills Group on:

7th October 2010 @ 10am UK London time.

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Stephen Walsh

Stephen is one of Kineo's co-founders. He worked in finance and journalism in Dublin before moving to the US, where he taught English and Economics in Chicago high schools before joining Learning Sciences Corporation in Chicago in 1996. There he worked with Roger Schank, scripting and designing the early models for goal-based scenarios, going on to run the Chicago team. Moving to the UK he held design, sales and consulting roles with Cognitive Arts, NIIT and Epic, before co-founding Kineo.