Getting to grips with the learning-doing gap

Research says that nearly 60% of front-line managers underperform in their first two years in the role. And that's despite a slew of training and development solutions available in the market for leaders and managers. So what's going wrong?

Closing the Front-line manager skills gap

That's the theme of our latest report, Four Ways To Close The Learning-Doing Gap For Front-Line Managers. It explores why some training models aren't working for new managers and what can be done to improve impact and results.

Our investigations revealed what we're calling a learning-doing gap. Businesses recognise the value of helping managers transition to a new role and are positive about the quality of training, but feel frustrated by the results they get. Skills learned are not being transferred back onto the job effectively. And that leads to a lack of measurable improvement.

We look at a way to make a difference - to make sure knowledge is transferred to the job and to make sure businesses can measure the results. Our suggested approach involves adhering to four key leadership development principles:

  • shift the focus from event to journey
  • wire in deliberate practice
  • build a partnership between participants and their managers
  • make progress concrete and visible.

Of course, the learning-doing gap isn't solely applicable to front-line managers - training across the board can be more effective if we make sure it's transferable to the job. Making the shift can help you to unlock value from your whole learning and development spend.

Want to read more? Download the full report.


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