Kineo Client Spotlight at Learning Technology Summer Forum 2016

We know the challenges, so now it’s time to discuss the solutions

Kineo and clients will be speaking at 12:45 in Theatre 1 for this year’s Learning Technology Summer Forum. In this free seminar session we will be putting a spotlight on clients to discuss how to crack L&D challenges from engagement to evaluation, and retaining employees.

There’s a growing pressure on L&D teams to align with modern learners’ needs and deliver real value for their businesses. Faced with so many options, technologies and trends, where do you start? How do you keep on top of changing needs? And, importantly, how do you know if you’re getting the right results?

In this session, Paul Westlake of Kineo is delighted to be joined by Caleb Foster of Compass Group and Chris Robinson of Boost Evaluation, an organisation we partner with to measure the business impact of L&D projects, to share their insights.

Alongside Paul, Caleb will share his teams’ story of designing and delivering modern, holistic learning experiences that engage and work with learners to deliver results. He’ll show how they adapt their tech platforms to meet changing needs, as well as some great examples of modern digital learning – including user generated content.

Caleb and Chris from Boost Evaluation will then join Paul to share insights into how to measure the success and ROI of a learning strategy for the business. Well beyond the scores and completion stats, they’ll share the kind of data and methodology true evaluation requires and what it can reveal for your L&D strategy.

If you want to engage learners through technology, prove ROI stats to your stakeholders, or create a learning strategy that’s driven by needs – this Kineo client spotlight session is for you.

Register for free entry to the exhibition via the Learning Technologies website.

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